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All About Codes & Permits

About Permits Terminology

Building Permits

It is important that you determine what permits you might need when planning your SunPorch sunroom addition and follow up as necessary.

Permits for your SunPorch sunroom or patio room should be obtained before taking delivery of your SunPorch sun room kit. If you are mounting your SunPorch sunroom/screen room on an existing deck or patio and not altering what is shown on your plot plan, permits may not be required.

Additionally, some locales may exempt screened rooms or temporary porch enclosures from the process altogether.


Wet-Sealed Personalized Documents ($300 non-refundable. Permit not guaranteed)

At your request, SunPorch will provide a personalized (your name & address) engineer letter to obtain a permit. This basic document includes a one page wet-sealed letter stamped by a local state engineer with code compliance reference information. In most cases this helps to expedite the process, but does not guarantee the permit. At your request, we can contact the building department to obtain specific requirements for yo installation. Please note the $300 fee is non-refundable. 

SunPorch Structures products, when properly assembled, meet many building code and permit requirements. It is the sole responsibility of purchaser to confirm compliance of the chosen product with building code and permit requirements for the selected site. SunPorch shall have no responsibility in that regard.

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