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Planning for Your SunPorch Sunroom

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Begin your plan for a sun room or screenroom by setting goals, considering designs, understanding the construction process, knowing the benefits, speaking with a manufacturer, and considering the porch or patio enclosure options.

Patio Enclosure Location & Preparation: What is the best location for a screenroom or sunroom? How much modification will my house need? Will I be mounting a porch enclosure on an existing deck or patio or will I be building a new one? Do I need a foundation? How will the enclosure fit and attach to my house?

Assembly & Ordering: Are there many screenroom/sunroom designs to choose from? Who will be measuring and ordering the patio or porch enclosure? Should I consider a do it yourself sunroom or screenroom? Can I count on my family and friends to help? Should I hire a manufacturer or contractor to help with the steps I find difficult? Do I want to pay a retailer for the entire project? Should I consider custom sunrooms? Should I design a sunroom of my own?

Cost & Expectations: What is my budget for the entire patio or porch enclosure project? What are my expectations based on my budget? How will I pay for the project? Do I have or need financing options? How will a SunPorch addition affect my home's value?

things to consider when planning your new SunPorch
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