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Planning for Your SunPorch Sunroom

Intro Easy Assembly Kit Components Quality Tools Delivery

Step One: Assembling & Attaching the SunPorch Frame for Your Sunroom

The frame for SunPorch sunroom / screenrooms has been designed as an easy erector-set type assembly. All parts have been pre-cut and most fastener holes pre-drilled so that the assembly consists of largely fitting parts together, squaring, and tightening fasteners. A high quality cordless screw gun will help facilitate the assembly of your sunroom or screenroom.

Assembling the Frame

Step Two: Installing the Roof & Easy Slide Windows On Your Sunroom

The roof glazing system has a strong, lightweight panel every 3'. Each panel runs continuously & seamlessly from the front eave to the top ridge. The panels are supported from the underside by horizontal supports and have an internal gutter and weep-hole system for complete weather protection. Finally they are fully gasketed on the top and bottom sides and secured in place on all four sides.

The windows and screens of your sunroom utilize a secure flange system gasketed with a weather resistant sealant tape to insure complete weather protection. The mounting flanges are pre-drilled and attach with self-drilling hex-head fasteners using the provided nut driver. The fasteners are then covered with a snap on decorative cap.

Installing the Glazing

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