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Screen Porches

Introducing SunPorch Quality Screen Porches

SunPorch offers the highest-quality, easy-to-assemble outdoor screen porches in the business. With over thirty eight years of satisfied customers we have refined the purchase and construction of screen porches to be as painless, and cost-effective as possible. We have reduced prices by working directly with you at every step. Our customers are actively involved in the measurement, site analysis and construction of their screen porches, while we provide most of the materials, instructions and know-how. The result: quality sun porches that provide year-round enjoyment.

Features of Our Screen Porches

Our screen porches provide a cool, airy outdoor screen room in which to enjoy the summer weather. The SunPorch Easy Slide window system allows windows to be opened easily, and quickly to allow air to pass through the screen porches. During the winter, our SunPorch screen porches are warmed, when in direct sunlight, to be 40F or more than the outside air temperature. Easy to adjust, each outdoor screen room has convenient windows that can be effortlessly opened to reveal screens. Other features of our screen porches include:


  • Ready-to-Assemble Kit: Our screen porches are prefabricated in standard sizes, which can be modified to fit almost any requirements you might have.
  • Durable Construction: They are lightweight, aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware and shatter-proof glazing to enhance longevity and reduce maintenance.
  • Attaches to Existing Bases: Convert your existing deck, patio or porch to a versatile outdoor screen room without the expense of contractor fees and associated building costs.


Ordering Screen Porches

In a few simple steps you can get a price quote and detailed drawings on your outdoor screen room. We will guide you through the process from measuring and site planning to the final delivery. We provide detailed instructions on how to assemble our screen porches, and there are SunPorch representatives ready to assist you every step of the way. For information on ordering screen porches, follow the Ordering and Pricing link.

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